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Hosted VoIP Frequently Aked Questions

Why do you call the system "Hosted PBX"

Gone are the days where you have a tiny room somewhere in the back of your office filled telephone equipment. Now we host your PBX in our secure data center. It’s our responsibility. This saves you the hassle of purchasing and storing equipment, and making changes when your needs change. With a Hosted PBX solution, you can configure your phone system all from an easy to use web interface or your smartphone. 

How long have these systems been around? Is this just a passing phase in telephony?

In the past decade, businesses have been using cloud-based solutions like Salesforce CRM for years. Hosted PBX phone systems have gone from the realm of science fiction to be the backbone of countless major businesses at a fraction of the cost of tradition phone systems.

Can I use my existing phone number?

Yes, existing phone numbers can be ported to the Hosted PBX from your old system. This is called local number portability.

Will my new hosted PBX system have the same features that I have on my phone system now?

Actually, since Hosted PBX uses more advanced technology than your old system, you’ll have many more features available at no additional charge. We’ll also update your system with the newest features on the market as they become available.

How reliable is the hosted pbx?

One major benefit of the Hosted PBX system is that it isn’t kept in your closet like your old telephone system. The equipment is kept in secure data centers that are much safer. Generally, the worst thing that can happen is that individual phones would need to be replaced, and those are guaranteed.

What if my internet goes down?

In times of emergency, calls are automatically routed to secondary telephones or cell phones. When the power goes out on a premises based PBX system, your phones are at the mercy of your battery backup. The phones may remain in service for fifteen minutes, but if your power is out for an extended period of time, customers will typically hear a fast busy signal instead of voice mail or continuous ringing. You can end up losing thousands of dollars by this loss of phone calls, and your reputation may also be on the line. Now, with a Hosted PBX system, the system is not onsite. Therefore, if a tree or backhoe cuts the line, callers will never receive a busy signal. The auto-attendant or a live person will still pick up the line when they call and route the call to the appropriate extension. If that extension is offline, the system can be set to automatically re-route the call to a mobile number, a remote branch office, or home number.

Can it meet the changing needs of my business?

Yes, that is the beauty of cloud-based solutions. They can grow and contract based on the needs of your business. Are you adding new employees? No problem. Do you need to add a new office? No problem, with the click of your finger you can add a new employees or an office and you never have to buy another PBX hardware box which costs tens of thousands of dollars for the new office. Your service can change as your business changes, without the risk of losing investments made in PBX hardware.

Who is using cloud-based phone systems to support their business?

A one-person consulting business to Fortune 500 businesses are reaping the benefits of cloud phone systems. Now business can be on-the-go but accessible to his customers thanks to the cloud.  So whether you are a 1-person business or a 500-person business spread across many offices, cloud phone systems are right for you.

How much will the Hosted PBX VoIP system cost me compared to a traditional system?

The startup fee will be about 70% less than that of traditional phone service. The reason is simple; because we’re hosting your phone system, you don’t have to invest in lots of hardware.

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